Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"New" Patterns

I love being able to design my own things. I can make things I want that others haven't made. I can make the instructions say what I want them to say. And I can make the look what I want it to be.

A year ago, I became a color consultant for Color Me Beautiful. When I learned that I was an "autumn," I realized quickly that I had knit many of my favorite patterns in colors that were less than flattering to my coloring. I immediately wanted to reknit many of them.

So I am doing that, and I am using that opportunity to reshoot some of the photos for my patterns--changing the look. As it happens, Misty, who is often my model, has coloring similar to mine. So I've been revamping the photos for my patterns, and I think Misty looks better in them too! What do you think?

Before: Alice Bee

And after: Alice Bee

Before: Lindsay's Perfect Mitts

And after: Lindsay's Perfect Mitts

Before: Miyuki Cowl

And after: Miyuki Cowl

Before: Linen-Stitch Scarf

And after (thanks to Eleanor, actually!): Linen-Stitch Scarf

That's a nice start! There are more new pictures in the works--and maybe soon a few new patterns, too! Fall is upon us, and it's knitting season!